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Out of habitat


performance for 3 performers, video, recordings and amplified objects

~40 min

The main concept of this project is to take the musicians and musical instruments outside the concert venue. Limit and minimize the musical media used by performers. At the same time, try to extract the musical component from objects on the street, to create a musical process out of it. However, this is not just a piece of music, it is a theatrical piece with many objects on stage that sound, their sound creates the plot of this piece, tells a story, they interact with each other like characters in a piece, enter into a dialogue.

Among them are a large number of natural objects - shells, wood, stone leaves and others. But despite the initial concept, real musical instruments are still present on the stage - in the final part, the audience sees the grand piano, but this is just an image, its strings are outside the body, becoming the material for the installation. Thus, it is just the ghost of a real grand piano. The performers are present in the piece - on stage and in the section, which is presented in the form of a video.

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