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More Things That Happened


~45 min

  Theatrical performance based on the films of Lynch and Hitchcock, the atmosphere of noir and fantasies arising from fears and experiences, reality turning into sleep, meditation focusing on individual sound elements that develop into a large musical event.In his musical solutions, Lynch breaks the audience's expectations by combining the opposite video plot and sound design. Often he uses covers of famous songs in this way, making an inversion of their content and correlating with the plot of the frame, because the cover itself is nothing more than a change of perspective.

  In order to achieve the effect of suspense in most cases, he avoids a fast pace, it is through this that the music unbalances the viewer.Due to censorship, Hitchcock is not able to show scenes of violence in his films, he uses the full potential of sound to reflect what is happening. In other cases, large episodes of the film are accompanied by silence, which leads to the maximum tension of the viewer.

  All of the above techniques are used in this project as musical ideas:

- discrepancy between the content of what is happening on the stage / screen and sound design, which leads to the emergence of new meanings

- placing famous pieces of music in a new context


- silence as a musical element

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