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Muteness mutation

for 3performers, video, recordings and amplified objects.



  The project was conceived in January last year in collaboration with the Neko3 ensemble. Caught in a pandemic, the piece format took on new meanings. The initial idea was a possible interaction between performers and objects of nature, but in the conditions when all the venues were closed, I became interested in how in this situation it is possible to use the space outside the concert hall and how to reflect the feeling of loss and uncertainty that arose as a result of endless quarantines and musicians imprisoned within the walls of their apartments and houses.

  What if the natural environment is placed in a concert halls and the musicians outside of it?

Sound material is built on the interweaving of rhythmic and pitch structures of sound tracks and their interpretation by performers. The relationship between video and performers is inextricably linked. The performers sit with their backs to the audience and seem to be looking into the mirror of shadows, where images appear in one way or another connected with what is happening on the stage. Is it a dream or a memory?..

  Various objects of nature - shells, stones, leaves - play the role of musical instruments. I try to translate their sound into musical language by creating associations with elements performed on musical instruments, but distorted beyond recognition.

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