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maryana lysenko

composer, video artist, sound artist, performer


other works (before 2017)



Maryana Lysenko composer, performer, video- and sound artist based in France. Working in field between electronics, instrumental music, video and performance. Studied composition with A.Tchakovsky in Moscow State Conservatory, with Simon Steen-Andersen in Hochschule der Künste Bern. She has works for symphony orchestra, chamber music and opera. The works from the last several years mostly concentrated on discovering musical possibilities of different objects, specific reactions of the public to various types of environmental sounds through perception using video, electronics, life-amplified objects, tape and different types of noise. Participated in the masterclasses with Stefan Prins, Alexandr Schubert, Sergey Newski, Johannes Kreidler, Mauro Lanza and many others.

She collaborated  with such ensembles and musicians as Ictus, Neko3, 20fingers Duo,Nostri Temporis,  Atrium quartet, Studio of New Music, Maria Gulik, Vladimir Ponkin ,Ludmila Mercier, Sergei Tchirkov, Inga Piwowarska, Christoph Croise, Maksim Kolomiets,  Andrei Below and others.

Her music is heard at Maidstone Festival, International Wissembourg Festival, Contracts,  Druskomanija, Playtime and others.

From 2014 till 2022 was teaching in Moscow State Conservatory.

Creator of a program MethaMusic for children based on  trainings of multidisciplinary skills.




6 Quai Anselmann, 67160 France Wissembourg

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